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Get Credit for your Knowledge Aware Expertise

The Knowledge Aware Certification Program is for people who want to be Knowledge Aware change agents in their organization. As well as those who are believers in the concept and want to transform their organization towards the Knowledge Aware vision.

Through the Knowledge Aware Certification program, individuals will be trained to be efficient in transforming their organization through the Knowledge Aware approach.

The course is available now for $49.

about Knowledge Aware

The Knowledge Aware Approach

Knowledge Aware is a comprehensive approach to continuously collect, deliver, and actively apply trusted knowledge within the flow of work.

The modern organization requires a fundamentally new approach to knowledge management, beyond incremental improvement to legacy systems.

A new approach, called Knowledge Aware, redefines captured knowledge from a passive reference asset into an active influencer integrated into the flow of work. As an approach to knowledge management, this innovative paradigm makes processes “aware” of and able to react with the continuously evolving, enterprise-wide knowledge base.

Knowledge Exchanges


To help individuals prepare to pass the certification exams, there will be online courses and one-on-one coaching provided by the International Knowledge Aware Association (IKAA).

Getting Certified

To get certified, an individual must complete a series of online multiple-choice questions. Certification levels may vary.


Once you become Knowledge Aware certified, you must complete basic training annually to maintain your certification.
certification levels

Multi-Level Certifications

To get certified, an individual must complete a series of online courses and pass a multiple-choice and written exam. Certification levels may vary.

Coming December 2023

The second certification course will be available by the end of the year! Stay tuned for updates.

interested in volunteering?

Volunteer to Help Build the Certification Program

If you're interested in volunteering with the International Knowledge Aware Association (IKAA) to contribute to the build-out of the Knowledge Aware Certification program, email